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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

The Labor Day weekend is typically seen as the beginning of Fall. And Fall means FOOTBALL! So this means football season is FINALLY here! Woo Hoo!

When it is football season, it is also time for hot dogs. And if you are going to have hot dogs, you MUST have mustard. After all, mustard is the favorite hot dog topping among most real Americans.

Mustard beats out ketchup every time when an American is asked what condiment they prefer. They say mustard every single time! (Or so the mustard websites report.)

The conclusion to all this chatter is that mustard is some serious kind of condiment.

So as you begin to prepare for football season, you are probably asking yourself, “What kind of mustard should I get to use on that hot dog?”

Well, let’s talk about the mustard options.

In the olden days (when I was a kid) mustard was primarily used as a treatment for a chest colds. Your mother would get tired of listening to you wheeze and cough so would get out the mustard FLOUR, sprinkle it on a warm wet towel, and then wrap your chest up with that mustard pack. Boy, would it burn! Mustard in those days was used as a medical treatment and many of us thought it was a form of torture. (Then Vicks Vaporub was born and replaced the tortuous mustard wraps.)

But now days, mustard is primarily used as a condiment (Vicks Vaporub is still NOT a condiment so please do not confuse the two.) As a condiment, mustard probably has a gazillion different varieties now lining the grocery shelves. But thank goodness, we have also had a gazillion different scientific studies to determine which mustard is worthy of being laced on our noble sausage; the hot dog.

Here are the 2009 test results from Serious Eats, a website that specializes in food and taste tests.
  • Best Yellow: Plochman's
  • Best Organic Yellow: Annie's
  • Best Deli-Style: Ba-Tampte
  • Best Spicy Brown: Plochman's
  • Best Not-Too-Sweet Honey: Gulden's
  • Best Fancy-Pants Honey; Honeycup
  • Best Classic Dijon: Grey Poupon
  • Most Sinus-Clearing Mustards: Trader Joe's Dijon
  • Honorable Mention: Oregon-based Beaver
So as you prepare for football season, you will want to know what kind of mustard to bring home and spread on that dog.

What I concluded from reading the fine print in this study is that for me it doesn't really matter that much what I put on my dog. What REALLY matters to me is that football is FINALLY back!