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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The PIXAR Story

Don't miss the chance to see the documentary about Pixar! They even named the movie "The Pixar Story" so it wouldn't be confused with some other epic. Very smart of them, I would say.

The history of this company and the transformation it has caused in animation and the film industry is absolutely fascinating. Being able to see such dramatic changes in an industry and having all those steps captured on film provides us a unique ability to witness the major milestones and changes that occurred. Being able to see the various players who participated to help create this new industry demonstrated the positive aspects of collaboration and how if it is done well, can revolutionize an industry to a whole new level. History has shown us this was the case with the space program in the 1960's and now we can see it also happened in animation and film.

I had no idea that one of the key players in this revolution began at the University of Utah (my Alma Mater) and so I felt kind of proud that the place I had gone to school provided yet another connection to the digital revolution (besides participating in the creation of the internet).

CNBC has been showing this documentary this month, so see it if you can. I HIGHLY recommend it!