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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I’m Baaaaack!

I’m school, that is!

Yes, I have decided it is time to learn something new in my life so I will be going back to school (nights & weekends) to learn acupuncture.

Here are some reasons why:

Well, acupuncture appears to be mixing a couple of things together that I love. With my background in Nursing, I know I really enjoy sticking it to patients. You know, there is something about pulling out a sharp instrument and having someone hold their breath, look away, and ALLOW you to poke them.

Also, in my research about Acupuncture, I learned there are only a handful of schools in the USA…around six. TWO of them are located right here where I live; OAKLAND and BERKELEY! Who knew?! To me that could only mean it was meant to be. It says "we want you....COME ON OVER!"

Another factor is recognizing the need to practice new skills on some sucker as you fine tune your craft. The best suckers are usually family members ‘cause you can guilt them into being a reluctant volunteer. The thought of getting out a box of needles and poking my kids, well, I don’t know how to tell you how much pleasure this gives me. It just makes me grin visualizing this possibility. You see, ever since I was banned from writing about my children in my blog, I have had so little methods of bugging them. (If you are a mom, you know how we NEED to bug are kids. It is part of what gives a mother purpose to living through this stage of life.)

My new adventure will be sticking it to people. Day and night.