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Sunday, June 6, 2010

We're Burnin' Daylight

My dad would say "We're burn'n daylight" as his way of saying "Come on! Get a move on!"

He wasn't one to waste time, especially when the sun was up. He expected every moment to be spent doing something productive. He had a full time job, a farm, and his widowed mother also had a farm he needed to maintain. He was pretty busy.

He is no longer here and so now when I hear the phrase "we're burn'n daylight!", I smile and think of dad. He had a charm about putting his point across with a little gleem in his eye. We all got the subtle message there were no slackers under his roof and we were all expected to be busy and productive all the time.

We now have these long summer days giving us more sunlight to get things done. But these days I'm finding there are times when I want to sit outside and just "be."

On the outside, the sun is shining, and here I am sitting on the patio just being a slug and slacker. But inside, it feels like I'm productive. I'm noticing all the life going on around me. There are birds, bugs, noises I never would have notices. I think it is a nice trade off to spend some time noticing life happen from a totally different perspective.

I believe now days my dad would probably agree it is OK to have these moments of nothingness. In it's own way, it is a different kind of productivity.

Feel free to come on by and sit with me on the patio. We'll just sit in the quiet and enjoy the daylight burn.