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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things to See and Do in San Francisco

When you come to vacation in the bay are of Northern CA, you will want to spend some time experiencing San Francisco. Here is a list of my recommendations, especially if I am in charge of your bay area adventure. As you can probably guess, this list requires several days to do all of my suggestions.

Oh, and make sure you bring a jacket. Yes, it is summer but the summer months are typically the coldest months in San Francisco. Fog seems to enjoy sneaking in through the Golden Gate and then hanging around until the Sun makes it go away.





The trolleys

Because they are there, interesting, and fun

Golden Gate bridge

Photo op

Visit Alcatraz island

This is absolutely fascinating. Listen to the audio tour while you walk through the halls of decrepit prison. Eerie. Spookie.

Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square,Lombard Street

Every tourist has to go there. It’s a rite of passage


This is a beautiful setting. Picture postcard kind of place.

Art Museums

If you love art; Legion of Honor, Modern Art, DeYoung, Asian Art

Science Museum at Golden Gate Park

This is a new museum and state of the art.

Farmers Market; Ferry Building

The best farmers market any where

China Town

It’s almost like being in China

Clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl

This is something you just have to do. Get your bread bowl and then go sit and view the bay while you slurp your soup and eat your sour dough. Breathtaking!


This used to be owned by the military and is now being privatized. Lucas films is there along with a statue of Yoda. Beautiful setting. Interesting change of direction now it is private.

Baker Beach Every time I visit Baker Beach someone is running around naked. We can go see if things have changed.

Yacht club & pier

The pier is composed of old broken headstones dumped there to build a pier when they had to relocate the cemeteries out of SF

Civic Center

The trees around the Civic Center are literally a work of art.

Home Tour

SF is known for its beautiful houses called the painted ladies. There are also some other exquisite homes, including "Mrs Doubtfire's" home and other places of interest I will show you.

Cliff House on the Ocean

Have a meal at the cliff house and watch the waves roll on the ocean.

Union Square Shopping

Lots of shopping around Union square. Nordstrom Mall is a few blocks away and very lovely. It is not your typical mall experience.

49ers, Raiders, A’s, Giants

See where these teams play ball. If there is a game going on, we'll go. Eating a hot dog while watching a ball game is something everyone must do at least once in their lifetime.

Ferry on the Bay

In the summer evenings you can catch the ferry at Tiburon, bring a picnic, ride around the bay & enjoy the sunset on the bay while picnicking.


Return to the 60’s & see where the Grateful Dead hung out, the Doors, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane


There is dinner theater available, musical theater, drama (often with famous stars).


There are lots of great places to listen to live music.


SF has the best restaurants anywhere! Tasting new flavor combination's is a treat and often the dishes are a work of art. It is difficult to go wrong when you dine in San Francisco. It is pretty phenomenal.