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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Things to See and Do in the East Bay

It is time for visitors to come to beautiful Northern CA. I have some recommendations of things to see and do based on the area of the bay we are traveling. Today I'm focusing on the East Bay (or Oakland).

OAKLANDTourReturn to the style of the 50’s and to the modern era we are now in; Paramount Theater, Fox, restaurants, churches, and the new cathedral that looks very female-ish. There are some real hidden gems in Oakland.

Health CareMedical marijuana is legal here and Oakland is the only place where you can see actual marijuana stores.

New DoWant to be someone different? Paula Young Outlet Wig store is here and you can become someone new and least for a day.

Crime & PassionRev. Jim Jones started in Bay Area before taking his followers to Guyana where 900+ drank the suicidal Kool-aid. There is a memorial for those who died in the OAK cemetery. The Black Panthers also started in OAK. Passion is big here.

Firestorm of'91We will tour around the hills of Oakland and see where over 3,000 homes were burned.

EarthquakeWe'll drive over the Bay Bridge and see where the 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake caused damage. We'll stop at Treasure Island and see the home the Navy demanded no shadow could fall resulting in delays for the new bay bridge replacement.

PicnicWe'll grab lunch at OAK Whole Foods, a place that has more floor space dedicated to freshly prepared food than any where else. We'll grab something for a picnic based on each persons mood swing and desires, then take off to the beach.

BERKELEYDiversityThe bay area is filled with diverse cultures. Want to buy a Sari? Or a Kimona? How about leather & chains? Tye-dye? African? It is all here.

PizzaZachary's pizza is the best pizza in the world (my world)

UC BerkeleyA lot of great minds and scholars came from this University. See where many began.

AcmeThe best sour dough bread is from Acme, located in the East Bay.

Street VendorsThe weekends in Berkeley are packed with eclectic & artistic street vendors. It is a trip.

ClaremontEvenings sitting on the patio at the Claremont are vundebah. Beautiful. Lovely.