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Saturday, May 22, 2010

North Bay Road Trip

I’m one of those people who plans. Living in the Bay of CA usually means I get out-of-state guests in the summer so I like to plan what kinds of activities I can have for my guests.

I need more information on the North Bay to see what types of activities or site seeing should be part of my tour portfolio. The kids are visiting from CO and are willing to assist in this touring assessment. Here is what we have planned to check out:
The movie "American Graffiti" was filmed in Petaluma, CA so we will check out some of the exciting places featured in the movie, such as the main drag. The film "Peggy Sue Got Married" was also featured here, so we will drive by the lovely victorian home where Peggy Sue grew up.

There are other things to see and do in Petaluma, too, but visitors who are movie buffs, this destination should be on the list.

The running fence was an art project that was 22 miles of was a high temporary canvas fence that ran through northern CA to the Pacific Ocean. It was art project that took 4 years to plan, get permits, and was put up and on display for 2 weeks.

There is a state park called the "Christo and Jeanne-Claude Running Fence Park" on Highway 12, so we will stop and visit the park to see what is there.

The Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” was filmed in Bodega Bay so we are going to visit and check out where CROWS tried to take over the town.

Because our family will soon be joining with the real CROWS (aka SRC's family), I think this is highly appropriate for our tour.

We will drive along Highway 1 and take in the scenery of the Pacific Ocean, stopping at little places of interest for photo ops and/or nature ops.

I have heard there is a fabulous Indian restaurant in Jenner called the "Sizzling Tandoor", so we are going to check this place out rather than the normal expected meal, which would be fish (because we're by the ocean).


Sebastopol is one of the last hippie refuges and is known for its liberal politics and small town charm. A small grove of giant redwoods is just outside of the town, called the Armstrong Park. There are also lots of wineries and spas in the area, so we'll see which ones to include as options for our out-of-state guests.

Santa Rosa was home to Charles Schulz, the author of the Peanuts comic strip, and there is a museum there devoted to his work.

In addition there is also a wild animal park called Safari West where you can pretend you are on a safari and see exotic animals.

So, this is the plan for the day....a ROAD TRIP!