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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Adventures in Lawrence, KS

I just received some lovely information about Lawrence, Kansas. It sounds like this will be THE vacation destination to go this summer!

Did you know that Lawrence, Kansas has one of the best-preserved historic communities in America? There are blocks and blocks of antiques shops, boutiques, and quirky coffee shops lining the boulevard. The Chamber of Commerce recommends taking a walking history tour and seeing these fine sights:
  • Liberty Hall, which used to be an opera house and is now the only independent movie theater in Lawrence.
  • Eldridge Hotel, which was the home to the abolitionist organization, Kansas Free State.
  • The House Building, the site of a drugstore since its 1865 construction and the oldest business in Lawrence operating with the original name and location.
  • Watkins Community Museum which also has an adjoining Japanese Garden
There are also several museums to visit, such as the Kansas University Natural History Museum and the Robert Dole Institute of Politics. In addition there is an Art Center to check out. On Saturdays is the farmers market and besides fresh fruit and veggies, they also have freshly home baked cinnamon roles.

In addition, Lawrence is one of the cities in Kansas known for its thriving music community. According to Wikipedia, Lawrence has one of the top ten "Stations that Don't Suck". This is pretty compelling news for me and it tells me I can leave my iPod at home when I come to Lawrence. It probably also means I can expect a lot of groovin' and dancin'.

Lawrence was founded in 1854 for the New England Emigrant Aid Company and named after Amos Adams Lawrence, a prominent politician who was against slavery. More recently, however, Lawrence was featured in the movie “The Day After” depicting what would happen to average Americans if the United States was destroyed in a nuclear war. Many people in the community were included in the movie, and with any luck, we may get to meet some of the local movie stars and encourage them to place their hands in wet cement while we take their photo. That would be AWESOME!

I think I am sold on visiting Lawrence, Kansas this summer! I will probably end up even attending a WEDDING while I'm there and may even dance to some of the "music that doesn't suck" until the wee hours of the night. I am hoping to blow celebratory bubbles in the air while the bride and groom slip away after tossing a bouquet of flowers or flipping a garter to the crowd. Anyway, I think Lawrence sounds like it will be MY vacation destination this summer and will be a lot of fun!