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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My New Assignment

When I was a bunny (not a playboy bunny, the other kind of bunny…you know, a representation of the Easter Bunny’s team), I enjoyed getting out the little sugar babies and malt ball whoppers to leave trails to the Easter prizes.

Now that Mr. Rabbit has hired younger models for these egg hiding assignments, I volunteered for a new mission. I now taste the Easter goodies that are available in the Easter sections of stores and evaluate how they can be used on Easter. I have learned I like most things that are made with chocolate. I even like those Cadbury eggs with the yellow gooey centers. I think they are much better tasting than a hard boiled egg and they look just like them. In my book, these will go well on Easter morning on a beautiful china dish served on an elegant table.

I wrote down this recommendation in my "Great Ideas" section of my notebook that is always tucked in a secret compartment in my purse. "Replace hard boiled yukky deviled eggs with those lovely Cadbury Cream Eggs."

If I keep this up, I may even get promoted to be the new Martha Stewart in my neighborhood! I'll keep you posted on my recommendations and new duties.