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Friday, April 2, 2010

Enjoying Spring

It is officially Spring. For some, this means baseball. For others, it means spring cleaning.

I searched for my old baseball mitt but found a birthday treasure I had put away during the house remodeling days. Yes, my tiara had been boxed up and now that it had been relocated, it was ready to come back in its rightful place. I placed the tiara squarely on my head and immediately felt a change.

I lost all desire for baseball or spring cleaning. I was overcome with a desire to lounge in a big chair and sip a pina colada with a colorful miniature paper umbrella perched on the glass rim. The tiara seemed to be coated with built up reclining energy that I was now channeling. I succumbed to the power of the tiara and lounged around the rest of the day.

I did take off the sparkling crown when I went to bed. I was afraid the diamonds could slash the water bed and I may float away to the ocean. I envisioned the possibility of water seeping out of the mattress onto the floor, building up and becoming a river that could carry me outside. I could see myself with the tiara on my head, bobbing up and down as if I was being forced along with the white caps toward the ocean. With my luck I knew there would be a possibility there would be a hungry shark swimming in the bay near the Golden Gate Bridge and this shark would smell my flubber with that hint of pina colada on my lips. The thought of swimming with the sharks, even though it is a best selling book, is not one of my endearing fantasies, so the jeweled crown came off.

Today the other treasure, the starred magic wand somehow ended up in my hand first thing this morning. As I grasped the handle and waved its star through the air, I felt a serge of possible magic in the air and anticipated the spring cleaning could be done with no effort at all. I closed my eyes and waved the wand again and then slowly opened the shutters of my eyes to see the changes.

There it was...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

My mood switched from exuberant anticipation to major disappointment.

"Why is there a no regulation mandating magical paraphernalia come with a decent set of instructions? Without directions, I am left to my own devices", I thought. "I bet there is not even a cheat sheet on Amazon for this!"

I then returned to waving the wand with more gusto through the air and now added a some magical words (that in some cultures would be considered foul).

I looked around my house and then realized I probably sent the magic out to someone else's home instead. This really does make sense, especially since I am pretty awful with directions and usually get lost. It is very plausible the magic went to the wrong location.

So if you come home and find your home all nice and sparkly or see a baseball mitt on your kitchen table, you can consider this as my gift to you. I am sure this will help you enjoy your Spring even more.