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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Deep Dark Secrets of Vegetables

There are some things in our lives we can fully resist and other things we can’t. There are even some things that even if we consume just one itsy bitsy tiny morsel, we somehow lose complete control and plunge into inner darkness.

I’m talking about a bag of potato chips, and believe me, inside of that bag it can get pretty dark.

I have yet to meet anyone who HAS to eat a whole bag of baby carrots. But there are plenty of people who HAVE to eat a whole bag of potato chips.

Most vegetables know how to talk to our brain and can say something like “Whoa, partner! That is plenty of carrots you have just chowed down! You can stop now!” And we do.

But when the vegie has gone swimming in hot oil and then showered with seasoning, it went from being just another regular vegetable to now being a rock star. It has become a new kind of stud and can hypnotize our brain so the word “stop” never even comes up. Before you know it, the whole bag of chips has been consumed.

I don’t get it.

Chips are a potato and a vegetable. But with its new make over and new wardrobe, new rules apply. The previous language of the mighty vegetable, you know, the one that says "whoa partner!" now no longer works and our brain gets lulled into a gentle stupor.

So today in honor of plain vegies every where...I will be shunning those vegie rock stars.

I mean, I have to. After all, I ate the whole bag.