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Monday, April 26, 2010

AnotherQ Gives Advice

This weekend I did spring cleaning of the AnotherQ site. I organized my blogs and labeled them into carefully selected buckets of similar information. I then stood back to look at my newly structured categories and what I saw was a reflection of who I have become.

I stood back and realized not only was my blog about embarrassing my kids, it was salted with a few topics of WISDOM, on top of delicious FOOD ideas, some professional advice on HEALTH, with a scattering of stories told either in BOOKS or MOVIES, and occasional having a teensy wheensy bit of whining due to uncontrollable HOT FLASHES.

Intermittently I would throw in topics about trips, fashion, and political stuff just to keep readers off guard, but for the most part, it really was all about the center of my universe; me, me, me.

I mean, if a blog is really a reflection of the author, wouldn’t it be better if it included hidden secrets and mischievous adventures and dive even deeper into the wild moooood swings of the minds abyss? After all, information about food, books, and movies is kind of a snoozer and the health topics I share had little to do with blood, guts, and gore and more to do with aging (aka constipation).

So after careful analysis I decided what I really should be doing is tapping into what I can offer that is unique, special, and one of a kind. Something others need but may not know.


Yes, advice!

I mean there is advice like “Don’t eat yellow snow!”

and then there is advice like

“If you’re going to eat yellow snow, make sure it is banana flavored and in a cone shaped paper wrap that will allow you to curl your tongue around the chiseled ice, unless you inherited the unfortunate inability to curl your tongue and then you will need to delicately slurp when no one is looking."

I mean one set of advice is very limiting and without any adventure at all. But the other advice, the better advice, MY ADVICE, comes with panache!

So which advice would you prefer? The one that is blunt and to the point? Or the one with creative flare?

I think I may expand my glob of blog to occasionally throw in a puzzler or two and then provide not only my wisdom, but my charmed ADVICE. I mean, I don't want to just keep it all to myself.

Who knows, maybe I’ll yet again save the world.
And if not,
at least I'll be doing my part to make it a bit more interesting.