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Monday, April 5, 2010

Accomodating the Inconsiderate

I had an employee once who came to work in hair curlers and I could see she had no plans to take them out until much later in the day. I told her she needed to take the curlers out now or go home and finish getting ready for work. Needless to say, she was PO’d at me and blamed me for having a bad hair day as she pulled out her curlers.

I realize that not everything is listed in a personnel manual. Some things should be considered common sense, but I am also recognizing there seems to be more and more instances where the boundaries of common sense have been stripped away.

For example, I hate it when people are talking on their cell phone in an elevator and everyone instantly becomes relegated to eavesdropping on a conversation none of us are interested in. I also don’t like it when people chat on their cell phone with that doohickey in their ear and it appears they are walking around talking to themselves on the streets. It is no wonder we have learned to care less about the homeless than ever before. Now days we just assume someone mumbling to them self is probably on a cell phone and we are now numb to these weird behaviors.

I guess these changes are a sign of the changing times and eventually we will all get used to these annoyances and adjust. But I’m getting tired of accommodating inconsiderate people who seem to have no common sense. They seem to be more self absorbed than ever before. I want them off the planet. THERE! I said it! I want them GONE!

Hmmm. I feel much better.