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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things are Blooming in CA!

I love Northern California....wonderful weather, foliage all year round, and an acceptance and even celebration of diversity. Right now the trees are in bloom as if to say, "OK, the opening act is about to start!" The tulips and hyacinths are getting ready to burst out in color, the fragrance of jasmine and orange blossoms will soon be in the air, and in a few weeks new little animals will be coming out to play.

Spring engages all your senses and shouts out "NOTICE ME!" You can even feel a new type of energy around when spring pokes its head out announcing its presence. That feeling of life changing before us only lasts a few weeks, but it is there for us to pause and take in. I think this little window of spring bursting forward with blossoms, color, and fragrance reminds us we are just one little part of life's colorful landscape.

So if you can, join me and spend some time outdoors. I'll be pointing out the new little bursts of life poking its head out of the ground, or the new nest in the tree, or maybe some polliwogs in the pond and perhaps some birds having coupling parties in the air. We can breathe in a sense of wonder and feel like we are getting ready for this new season's opening play; Spring. It only has a short run...a couple of weeks, so try and make time to enjoy this seasons opening act.