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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's Day!

President’s day is about super heroes.

I found my super hero outfit in the back of my closet and put it on. First I’m going to wear it around the house to get the mothball smell out and then I’ll wear it to Trader Joe’s, where the other Super Hero’s hang out.

Once a year we gather on Presidents day to discuss what happened last year and then who gets to do what this year. We’ll probably stand around the island of oranges, squeezing some fruit, and then one of us will casually start the conversation about how these oranges are not like they used to be. Then the conversation will change and we will talk about who was supposed to save health care, and who was supposed to create jobs. Eventually we’ll get to where we discuss the war. We’ll get our assignments, clasp hands over the oranges and do one of those “let’s get it done” moments where we fling out hands together in the air. We’ll smile and cheer with renewed vigor, ready to conquer these new hurdles.

The olden days were much more fun; our assignments were more of the one-to-one variety, you know, like rescuing someone who was lying across the railroad track all tied up in a nice little bow. Rescuing the economy does not produce that same type of rush and it doesn’t have any easy-to-open loose ends. Like everyone else, super heroes have to adjust to the new changes and needs in the world.

I know eventually things will improve. When they do, I’m going to splurge and get a new outfit. In purple. And one that doesn't show the bulges.