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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Micro-Climates in the Bay Area

In the Bay Area of Northern California it can be freezing at your house, but just down the road and through the woods it can be sunny and warm. They call this micro-climates. If you visit the Bay area you will always be advised to wear layers. This is so you can add or subtract clothing based not so much on your mood swings, hot flashes, or changes in fashion, but on those micro-climates.

For example, this morning I had fog in my neighborhood. But after I drove over to the Bay it was lovely. But then driving up the hills of Marin, it was freezing with high winds.

Here is a photo of the morning on Highway 1 looking towards San Francisco (the arrow shows where San Francisco is). Do you feel the wind and the cold?

I arrived at Stinson Beach with the morning sun and the turbulent waves crashing on the sand.

There were already surfers in the the water with their wet suits catching the waves and riding toward the shore. (There are 4 surfers in this "where's waldo" photo.)

Within an hour, it was sunny and hot, so I moved to a cooler climate; the forest and the hills, which is about 2 miles from the beach.

The Bay area is just remarkable this way. You can move around from place to place based on the weather. You can be at the beach or the forest, or even snow, within a short period of time.

Because of these dramatic changes in weather, we have all learned to bundle up or strip down several times a day. I have learned the Bay area is the perfect place to live when you are menopausal. No one will ever question why you're running around in your underwear. Most will just assume it is due to the weather and those micro-climates.

Isn't that great? I can blame the weather! I love it here!