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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cold and Flu

I work for a physicians group in Northern CA and the department I work in develops on-line tools and information to help people stay healthy, answer questions, or provide ways to supplement the care and treatment people receive. More and more of us want to find ways to stay out of the doctors office, prevent illness, as well as do as much for ourselves as possible. Technology provides a mechanism to help us do just that, and the department I am part of works with some of 6,000 physicians to create more and more on-line and self-care tools.

I recently managed the coordination of getting this new Cold and Flu site up and out the door to help provide information on the new H1N1 flu, regular flu, as well as colds.

This is a great website to get your questions answered about cold and flu as well as provide information on how to prevent the illness, how to treat the illness, or how to know when to see a doctor.

This is one of the things I do in my day job; I work in health care technology, making the world a better place by keeping us healthy. :-)