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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bay Area Downpour

California is currently experiencing a downpour of much needed water. Driving home from work was a nightmare in this heavy thunderstorm. After an hour on the freeway I only advanced 5 miles. It was awful. But then, suddenly the rain stopped and some sunlight peeped through the clouds and with that burst of sunlight, two full rainbows graced the evening sky. I laughed out loud and snapped photos. I was exuberant and wanted to catch the moment before it vanished, especially since they seemed almost within reach. But another surprise was in store. The rainbows didn’t disappear! They continued with me the rest of the half hour drive home. It even paused on one side of the tunnel and resumed with me on the tunnels other end. It was as if the rainbows had volunteered to be my companion the rest of the journey home.

This colorful signature from Mother Nature seemed magical. I couldn’t help but smile and be filled with joy. When I got home, the clouds of gray had returned and the downpour began where it left off. For a few minutes during this rush hour journey, I had been graced with a moment of wonder. I felt renewed.