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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Solstice

December 21st is known as being the most romantic day of the entire year. It is the shortest day, which means it is also the longest night. And what do you do through the longest night of the entire year? YES! That is what you do!!

So here are some tips for your soon-to-arrive romantic escapade through this moment of the longest night of the year.

Have a Fire

Flip on your gas fireplace, or buy some of those easy-to-burn logs and get ready for an evening of romance. If you don’t have a fireplace, get some candles. And matches.

For me, I prefer David Gray and his “Life in Slow Motion” for these types of evenings. Just make sure the music is what your partner likes. Or better yet, pull out the music compilation you made...or if you have time, make one.

Fluffy Rug or Comfy Blanket
There is nothing like fake fur or very nice cloth on your naked skin. Nothing. It is pretty sensual.

Chocolate &/or Wine
Chocolate is a great way to trigger the old oral sensations. Wine is OK, too. (But first brush your teeth and floss those gums. Nothing kills the mood like bad breath).

Massage Oil
Need I say more?

Communicate Your Feelings or Recite Poetry
This is the one day of the year you need to verbalize and share your feelings. Prepare a list of things you love about this person or be prepared to take a walk back in the past and dig up some moments when you felt connected and loved. If you can’t think of a darn thing, well, read some romantic poetry (you're on your own on this one).

The winter solstice is the longest night of the year. It is the one day out of the whole entire year you should focus and connect with that someone special in your life (that is why some of us got married on this date).

If your loved one is not physically present, you can spend the romantic evening with them in thought and spirit. Love doesn't necessarily just sometimes just changes a bit.

After the winter solstice passes, you can now be prepared to welcome a whole new world of daylight minutes which will start to open up. A new year of possibility can begin after you have taken the time to enjoy that special romantic interlude of the winter solstice (trust me, this works).

So, enjoy your winter solstice.
I know I will.