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Friday, December 4, 2009

Stealing From the Dead

A family in this area was coming home from spending Thanksgiving holiday in Hawaii. After flying back to San Francisco, they got in their minivan and headed for home. A teenager speeding in a Mini Cooper failed to stop at a red light and blasted into this family’s minivan. The entire family of four were killed.

The next day this family’s home was burglarized. When the police caught the thieves, the burglars learned whose home it was they had ransacked. The thieves were not aware they had broken in and stolen from the family who recently had died in this fatal accident.

The burglars apologized for robbing THAT house and went on to say how they have morals and are not cold-hearted people. They didn’t know they were robbing THIS family’s home, almost as if they were saying "If we had known, we would have chosen the next house or someone else's empty house".

I don’t get it.

I don’t understand how these burglars can even think they are moral people because in hindsight they would have not robbed THIS home if "only they had known". Stealing is wrong no matter what. Stealing is stealing.

I am pretty appalled.

You can read more about the accident and driver of this accident, or about the robbery, or see photos of these very kind-hearted and apologetic thieves.