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Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar - Go See It!

I saw the 3D IMAX version of Avatar. I was expecting (and hoping) to be carried away into a different universe, and I was. It was absolutely exquisite! It was much more than I hoped. I became totally immersed in the film and believed all the special affects. I loved the feeling like I could reach out and touch the animals and plants. It was all believable to me.

The film reminded me of how I felt after I saw the original Star Wars movie. Everyone leaving the theater seemed to feel like they had just participated in something special, and they had. That movie was a shoot-em-up cowboy movie set in the future. But Star Wars also used a element in the story line called "The Force" and that helped create a magical experience beyond the regular story. This helped the audience feel something new and made Star Wars legendary.

Avatar also uses a lot of shoot-‘em up action, but also introduces the idea of an interconnecting energy force that is part of the rhythm and balance of life. The creation and use of this concept, and the feelings it generates, helps make the movie experience magical and memorable.

At the end of the movie, the audience clapped and people leaving the theater displayed grins of excitement on their faces with exuberant chatter. We all felt like we had just witnessed something remarkable.

I loved the movie and plan to see it again. It was absolutely FAB. It really was a great experience!