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Monday, November 30, 2009

Telling the Age of a Chick(en)

Did you know you can tell the age of a chicken by its breast bone? Julia Child shared this on her black and white program now running on PBS.

She said that if the cartilage at the end of the chicken’s breast bone is bony, it is an old hen, but if it is nice and flexible (like cartilage is supposed to be) then it is a young chicken.

She also said if there is a longer length of cartilage (going past where you would expect bone to be) you know this chicken has been given growth hormones.

I think Julia’s analysis also relates to people.

For example, if I check under my flubbery goddess-like body, I feel bone. It must mean I'm just now passing my spring chicken years.

When I observe women at the beach, I see lots of boobs that looks like there is way too much cartilage. Surely, these chicks have been given some type of growth hormone.

I must say, it just ain’t right. For old chicks and chickens alike.