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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Thanksgiving Tradition

Our family used to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in a more traditional manner; we cooked and cleaned for days, then finally sat down to a huge meal with all the extended family and got stuffed, puffy, and then lounged around watching football until we were recovered enough to squeeze in some pie.

After relocating to lovely CA, the extended family stayed behind in Ootah (Utah) so our little family started a new tradition; we picnicked on the beach.

Times have again changed and we are due for another modification in the CA-based Thanksgiving holiday.

Archie McFee, a company that prides itself in being "slightly less disappointing than other companies"

has provided the perfect Thanksgiving item for those of us who live close to the beach. Or for those who hate cooking.

The McPhee company has inflatable food, including a beautiful holiday turkey that comes out of a SPAM-like can!
We now can have a traditional nice looking turkey at the beach, blow it up, pretend we finished a a traditional home cooked meal, and then play some turkey-ball! A traditional Thanksgiving turkey can now be part of our holiday fanfare AND part of our beach paraphernalia.