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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cook Book

I recently had my home remodeled and hired Jason, a designer, to help guide me in this process. Many of the suggestions Jason made I easily accepted, but there were a few things we engaged in confrontational verbal battle. For example, Jason felt STRONGLY I should get rid of my books. I felt I may NEED them should I have a personality swing and need a certain book to help create my new persona.

Here is a case in point.

I have several cookbooks. I like looking at the photos and thinking I may be able to create an exquisite edible masterpiece some day. I thought there would be a higher probability of me using my cookbooks with my newly remodeled kitchen than ever before. I put my foot down and said “Jason, these books stay!”

Jason acquiesced with a creative compromise. He created some bookshelves in my garage, which he started to call the “new library”. He saw the garage as the final resting place for items on their way to the Dump or Goodwill. The "library" was the new transition point to his way of thinking.

Today seemed like a perfect day to allow a new characteristic to emerge; become a master in the kitchen.

I went out to the library wing in the garage and found my very first cook book. It is the Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book that is really not new at all. It has been around for eons. But MY cookbook is even a bit more unique than most; it has been cooked.

Yes, The VERY first time I used this book, I cooked it. I tried to defend myself by telling others I was just following the stupid instructions....I was cooking the book. (I think most could see through that lame excuse, however).

After thumbing through my 30 year old cookbook and having all sorts of cooking failure flashbacks, I put the book back in the garage where it will rest and gather dust until the next cooking mood swing. Or when the Goodwill truck arrives to gather up surplus items in need of a good home.