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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Standing Room Only - The New Way to Fly

Do you remember when it was almost fun to fly? You would get dressed up and after boarding the plane, you could relax while a friendly and perky attendant brought you a free bubbly drink, treating you like you were royalty. Those days are long gone and we are in an era of cut throat competition where airlines try to find more and more ways to make a profit. No more is there comfortable seating with adequate personal space and leg room. Few airlines still serve food, and there is often an additional expense if you check your luggage. The airplane travel experience has become something most now dread.

But, have you heard what is now being considered from this wonderful industry? There are discussions to remove the airline seats all together and make passengers stand for the full flight!

"How could this be??" you ask.

Well, rather than sit, you would be propped up against a padded backboard and held in place with a harness so you could stand for the full flight. This way even more passengers could be squished in the plane and even more money could be made.

You can read about this in the NY Times and even see a sketch of the comfy padded backboard in the SeattlePI article.

Just think, even the crappy air travel experience you now experience may someday be considered the "good old days" when planes at least had seats.