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Friday, October 9, 2009

Seeing Spots

Sometimes when people see spots, they need to see the Ophthalmologist and rule out cataracts.

Or if there are spots covering someone's body, it may be time to see a dermatologist to see if there is skin cancer. Or perhaps chickenpox. Or measles. Or maybe it is even a bad make-up job.

But when you see spots in your home, it could be a vicious prank from someone like your remodeler.

I am having my home remodeled. I often come home from work and find a new surprise waiting for me. Usually it is more boxes and equipment blocking the doorways, but occasionally it is something upside down, inside out, or a new twist in design from something that went wrong.

Occasionally we laugh and I say "OK, it can stay". Other times I say "I prefer not keeping that spilled paint blotch that looks like it belongs along side a psychiatrist's couch".

After seeing this new design photo from Oh Joy, I realize I definitely have boundaries on what I will accept in the way of this remodeling. I have spot limitations. I couldn't live with a room filled with polka dots. I can't even tolerate polka dance parties. And I also don't like accordion music.

Wow....a full stream of consciousness was released after viewing one polka dot photo. Now I see why psychiatrists use those polka dot swatch cards to help trigger hidden secrets buried deep within.

Maybe I should keep that spilled paint blotch and see what happens when my friends and guests come to check out the new digs. I may learn something new and interesting as they release hidden and deep dark secrets while mesmerized on that new paint blob we are currently pretending is modern art. Hmmmmm.