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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Kitchen

We just finished remodeling the kitchen. Here is a "before the remodel" photo with JRQ, my son, who really is the only one who cooks in this house.

Here is that same view but with the new kitchen remodel. (Notice there is no one cooking.)

Here is the view to the left of the stove with a cool new black graphic deep sink and modern faucet.
To the right of the stove is the new stainless steel refrigerator that even crunches up ice cubes before spitting it through the door (which is my favorite part of this appliance).

I can't forget the new dishwasher that was purchased just because it matched the other appliances.

But you know what the very best part of the whole kitchen remodel is?
It is the new microwave.
It is SMART...I have no idea how it knows how to perfectly cook food, but it does. I signed up for a cooking class but now I'm thinking "Hey, I have a smart microwave that can figure how to cook. Why bother?"