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Monday, September 14, 2009

Me and Michelangelo

It is only a few more days and I’ll be in Rome. It will be hanging out with Michelangelo for a bit before the rest of the group joins me. It will be just the two of us....checking out and reviewing his art and being part of old Rome and having our own little rendezvous.

After my little art and romantic interlude, I'll be studying Mediterranean Cuisine for 10 days. That says wine, gelato, and pizza to me. I'll get to see if my interpretation of Mediterranean Cuisine has the same meaning as those who live there.

When I return from Italy (and the Amalphi Coast) I should have a new kitchen waiting for me, complete with all the fancy schmancy appliances that are suppose to help me become a good cook. And if not, they will at least look very cool.