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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angels and Demons Tour in Rome

While in Rome we went on the half-day Angels and Demons Tour. The tour began at the Santa Maria de Popolo church where we met our tour guide. Our tour guide was a fellow Californian from Napa, CA who had relocated and become planted in lovely Rome!

The tour essentially takes you through each of the major Rome locations of mystery that are in the book. With the help of our tour guide, he was able to dramatize and share the intrigue contained in the book. This helped us to feel like we were engaged in a wonderful mystery as our guide helped turn the pages in the story and captivate us as we visited each of the stops. It was as if we joined the journey with the protagonist, Robert Langdon, and the beautiful, smart, and physically flexible Victoria, while they uncovered more and more clues of the Illuminati and who was behind secret murders of the Catholic clergy.

We visited:
  • St. Peter's Square with its image of AIR that points WEST

  • St. Maria della Vittoria Church

  • Pantheon

  • Piazza Navona with the representation of WATER

  • Castel Sant’Angelo

  • Il Passetto, the passage (which is really an above ground walkway) that leads back to the Vatican.

The tour is about 4 hours and it was a delightful way to get acquainted with the city, the history, and the intrigue and drama of fictional characters, all through the experience of an engaging tour director and an interesting story of intrigue.