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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Advice for The Sicko's

For those of you are now a sicko and are probably sitting around with a stuffy nose, coughing, and feeling like crap, you may need your mother but she is either busy or too far away to really provide much help. So Nurse Beth is here to give you the remote advice you need (but may not want):

1) Hot baths. Have lots of hot baths and breathe in the humidity. Or use a humidifier. Cold viruses thrive in dry conditions. A hot bath will give you the humidity and also help your body relax so the parts of your body that should be fighting the germ annihilation battle (the white cells and your immune system) don’t have to compete against the rest of your body that is just getting in the way. Relaxing allows the infantry to come forward.

2) Chicken soup. Studies now show that chicken soup helps prevent neutrophils from moving to other parts of your body and causing even more inflammation. So go ahead and open a can of chicken soup, heat it up, relax and enjoy. Visualize it providing nourishment to the good guys in your body while it knocks out the bad guys. (Every little bit helps)

3) Fluids. Drink lots of liquids, especially warm water with honey. That concoction really does work to help loosen up congestion. But any liquid (except alcohol) is fine.

4) Echinacea. I know, I know, echinacea has not been proven to prevent or help colds...YET. Some studies say it helps. Some studies say it doesn’t. But when you feel like crap, what can it hurt? But I think you need to take something that you can't spell or pronounce. For some reason we believe that if can't spell it or easily pronounce it, it must work. And who knows, maybe it does.

The rest of my advice is to lounge around in your sweats and maybe catch up on reality TV (which has replaced soap operas). Keep the tissues handy and throw them away immediately after use. Please try and keep your cruddy germs to yourself and use that hand cleanser every time you cough or blow your nose. The alternative is to get off the couch and wash your germy hands each time you cough, which gets kind of tiring if you cough a lot. Your demonstration of being a clean freak will help keep your friends, friends. And when they get sick, they may not blame you for being a slob when you were down and out.

For all you sicko's, good luck on your road to recovery. You should feel normal in 3-6 days. Or if you follow my advice, you will probably feel normal in 2.9-5.9 days.

Keep me posted. Best of health.....

Nurse Beth