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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Corporate Scam in CA

If you are the head of a corporation in California, you most likely have received an official looking notice from the DEPARTMENT OF ANNUAL MINUTES COMPLIANCE. The form says a filing fee of $125 is NOW DUE in big bold letters, along with an official looking filing number. The envelope also looks very governmental, addressed to a PO Box 32369 in Los Angeles.

As the head of a corporation, you know you are supposed to have Board meetings along with recorded minutes. It would be easy to assume the government wants to see your minutes along with having a filing fee. And because there are a gazillion fees, forms, and taxes that are required by small businesses, you could assume this is just another tax and another hoop to jump through.

If you read the small print at the bottom of the form, you will learn this is NOT ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY and is NOT being managed by the government. And, it is NOT A BILL.

In other words, this is a SCAM.

It is a legal scam.

If you send them money, you are doing so on your own...kind of like a donation.

This is so unethical. But it is legal.

Imagine being a business owner who doesn't have a good grasp of reading English OR knowledge of what the government requires. My assumption is this unethical scam makes lots of money, mostly from people who are too busy to read the small print or those who don't read English very well.

So my way to help stop these guys is to share and spread the awareness. Maybe we can get enough people to stop sending them money and they dry up and blow away.

My other plan is to find out who they are, and then when they become a patient in a hospital, me and my friends will use a very dull syringe for their pain shots and will not be afraid to give them lots of enemas. This will kind of be a "payment rendered" service done on behalf of small corporations throughout the state of CA.