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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Zions and Bryce Canyon National Park

I went on a "hiking adventure" this weekend. It initially began with a flight to Las Vegas , renting a 4wheel drive SUV, and then a journey to Zions National Park. Along the way there are many, many rock shops. Here is one that really caught my eye....such unusual rocks! I stopped to inquire and they are not is GLASS.

There was a blanket of white snow covering Zions National Park, so hiking was out. But isn't it lovely? Very few people were visiting the park this time of year, so it was nice, quiet, and peaceful with the new snow.

More serene moments at the park....

And then a journey to Bryce Canyon, which is also covered with a blanket of new snow. But it is VERY cold! You can still see some of the hoodos poking through the snow.

Today was the start of lovely new weekend adventure.