Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yes, I heard it snowed in Vegas, but I'm going anyway and will rent the 4wheeler and travel around the red rock country. And I may even bring you back a few rocks. With snow and ice.

Both "Rocks in My Head" and Ginny (the geologist) recommended some classic books by John McPhee to help with any of my rock adventures and quest for geological knowledge. I thought you guys should know what other rock hounds say about your kind of road trips:

"Geologists have to stop at every roadcut. It is something we just HAVE to do".

"A roadcut is to a geologist as a stethoscope is to a doctor."

“Almost all our stops are at roadcuts. We go from roadcut to roadcut”.

"Roadcuts are a way of sampling fresh rock. The road builders slice through indiscriminately, and no little rocks, no softer units are allowed to hide."

But since I am not a geologist (yet), I want you know I will be looking at some other things besides roadcuts, even though the rock I may bring you will probably come from some roadcut. :-)