Friday, December 19, 2008

Oakland Murder Tour?

At GNO we occasionally discuss new career opportunities should any of us lose our job. San Francisco has its haunted house tour (complete with the Victorian mansions) so we threw around the idea of what Oakland is famous for...and we came up with gangs and murder.

Here is a map of the places where murders have occurred in 2007 and 2008. The arrow points to where I work.

One of our brainstorming idea is to start an Oakland Murder Tour, complete with bullet proof vests. One of the benefits of this is that my commute would not really change with this new job. However, there are just too many murders for one tour. Perhaps I could refine it down to just FAMOUS murders and throw in a tour of the bay where Lacy Peterson was found. Or maybe just those who were murdered and under 20 years old.

I think you probably have to be in a certain type of mood for a murder tour...and today, well, I'm just not in that mood. So, the tour will be canceled!