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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

I was surprised I liked this book, Lovely Bones, because I usually don't like stories of murder and serial killers. But this story didn't focus on the gruesome was a perspective from the murdered protagonist and how she observes the continuation of life of those who had been connected to her, including the murderer. I found this different perspective rather intriguing.

I also enjoyed how one of the characters who had been a distant "friend" and outcast continued with more prominence as she became more connected to this young dead girl. This friend, who was seen as odd by her schoolmates, was being sung praises in heaven because of her sensitivity and warmth. The prominence of celebrating such unique traits that are usually shunned by the popular crowd is a perspective that many can relate to.

This book has been out for awhile but is being made into a movie with Rachel Weiss, Mark Wahlburg, and Susan Sarandan. It will be released in 2009. You may enjoy the unique perspective of this story as well.