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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My son, JQ (or Harvey, whatever....), came for a visit and noticed that I had recorded a Tina Turner's musical tour on my DVR.

JQ: You recorded Tina Turner?

Me: Yes, want to see it?

JQ: No! I grew up with Tina Turner. I don’t need any more of that.

JQ: But this is partly why you have become the wonderful person you are today! You can thank Tina Turner.

JQ rolls eyes and shakes his head.

Music has an affect on us. My friend, GD, once shared that when he listens to music it is as if his entire soul becomes connected. He said he can literally feel a change within him, and when you observe him listening to music you can actually see a physical change in his countenance. He is literally transformed. It is almost as if his soul no longer fits inside his body during some of the songs that connect with him. It is rather remarkable, really.

The majority of us don’t have this same type of sensitivity to music that GD has, but we all can be affected and changed with music. Music just has an affect on us. It can affect moods, healing, pain, and sleep. Recent studies show music can decrease your blood pressure. It reduces depression. It influences respiratory rate, stomach contractions, and hormone levels. Premature babies who listened to Brahms, for example, gained weight faster and left the hospital sooner than babies who were not treated to music. Patients who listen to music before, during, or after surgery feel less pain and require less medication. (The Healthy Mind Healthy Body by Davis S. Sobel and Robert Ornstein, page 65).

Music affects our soul. Music has an impact on us in ways we don’t even know or recognize. So go ahead and listen to Tina Turner, or something else. Notice how your mood can change and how good you can suddenly feel.