Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Natures Artist; Andy Goldsworthy

I love the landscape art of Andy Goldsworthy, a brilliant natural artist.
He has a new display online at VIP Art.  This piece is called "The Hawthorne Snowball".

Mr. Goldsworthy has MANY wonderful pieces photographed and shared online, in galleries, and scattered in locations throughout the globe.  But it is some of the fleeting works in nature that I love the most.  These pieces are temporary at best, lasting only until the temperature changes, the wind comes, or the water starts to flow.

Here are more of his ice and snow pieces in nature:

Ice Star

Gold Tree Soul

I love the fact that Andy Goldsworthy creates his art in nature and much of it will only last but a moment.  If we didn't have the photos, there would be no record at all of some of these exquisite works of art.  

The ability to spend hours, days, and weeks, creating these pieces of art and then to have the art last but a flicker of time, speaks volumes to me. It is such a profound statement about an artist's need to create and express, even if it doesn't endure. It is almost as if Mr. Goldsworthy sees the very soul of a place in nature and somehow is able to translate it in a way that allows us to see, feel, and share what had previously be hidden from our view.   This ability to translate and share what nature has hidden from the rest of us, is rare gift.   

Here is a Youtube video where you can see more of Andy Goldsworthy's fabulous work.


boo! said...

I need some research for an art project. Could you tell me why Andy Goldsworthy made his ice star?

AnotherQ said...

Sorry, boo, I don't know. I assume it is like most of his other artistic creations where he spends time in an area and then allows the creative forces of the area to come forward and then expresses what he feels or senses through his art, using the natural elements around him as part of that visual communication.