Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lovely Luna

It has been raining and cloudy for the past several days, but last night, right at the start of the lunar eclipse, the clouds parted and the moon began to put on a magnificent show. Cuddled up in blankets we watched the graceful changing shadow and color as if this was the opening act of the winter solstice. Lovely!


Amander said...

So beautiful. Unfortunately the SLC skies were completely covered with clouds so we missed it.

And by the way, I got to see J&S last night - they are such a cute couple!

AnotherQ said...

So sorry you missed this incredible lunar moment and display.
How lovely you had the opportunity to connect with J&S, however. They are adorable and I bet they loved being with the fam. If you can, give grandpa Q a bday hug for me. :-)