Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Airport Screening Process

At lunch today, we were chatting about the holidays and travel. Dr. Marvelous (as we sometimes call her) asked the following:

“So now that all the airports have this big machine that costs billions of dollars and we all have to either go through that machine or get groped, and yet this machine can even see right through our clothes. It can even see who is wearing a tampon. So why do we still have to take our shoes off??!”

So why do we?


Kathy G said...

Just to keep us guessing?

AnotherQ said...

Maybe it is because they didn't think we could handled one more change in the process. lol

Dan said...

Rumor has it that John Pistole has a foot fetish.

AnotherQ said...

That is good enough for me. I can understand how fetishes can get in the way sometimes. Completely acceptable in my book.