Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kansas Footwear

I am noticing that most the women in Kansas have at least one pair of lovely red ruby slippers. I tried to get a pair in CA, but pretty much the only shoes available there are Crocks or Flip Flops. But now that I am in beautiful Kansas, I am going to get me some of those magical shoes!!


Amander said...

Oooh, those will go nicely with your tiara!

And by the way, loved your letter to Sam on your other blog. Very sweet.

AnotherQ said...

I think those shoes will also go well with my BOA!! lol

Glad you liked my letter to Sam on my "serious" blog. Every once in a while I let that side of my personality out but then stuff it back in the bottle and dress it up with glit and glam. :-)