Monday, August 16, 2010

The Art of Blown Glass

Art can often cause an emotional reaction. It can make you stop, gasp, pause, cry, and sometimes smile. Our emotions can be triggered when we connect with a special piece of art.

Blown glass by Dale Chihuly, an artist from Tacoma, WA, often triggers an emotional reaction of awe and wonder from me. Chihuly has pushed the boundaries of glass blowing and created pieces of art that are magical, creative, ethereal, and unique.

Here is a video of Chihuly discussing his work, which is interesting to see how these pieces of art are created:

Here is a video (with sound) of the exhibit in NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx, capturing snapshots of the variety of his pieces, along with the art changes based on the time of day. A whole different landscape of images becomes aroused in the darkness and moonlight surrounding these glass objects.

You can currently see an exhibit of Chihuly in New York (at the Botanical Garden) as well as Nashville, TN.


BusyB said...

love art! all kinds! thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Kathy G said...

If we'd had more time on our visit to Seattle this summer, I would have liked to visit Chihuly's studios. I understand there's an awesome bridge of glass there.

AnotherQ said...

I'm glad you love art, too!

That would be a great idea for a trip! Visit Seattle and go see his studio...hmmm! Maybe after the wedding. :-)