Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends Help the Stress Go Down

All of us have moments when we are stressed to the gills and so we reach for our tried and true coping mechanisms. One person may yell at the wife. The wife may pop a Valium or open a bottle of wine. Another may curl up in a blanket and watch TV all night and yet someone else may go from a run until their feet bleed.

My favorite coping mechanism is to partner up with some of my best friends; Ben and Jerry. These guys usually hang out in Vermont, but when I need them, they are always just around the corner and ready for me to pull one of them out from a cold supermarket freezer. Different moods help me decide which deserves my special attention, and if I can’t decide, the old standby famous rock star, Cherry Garcia, wins.

I feel better already thanks to some true friends. (I am often very wise.)


BusyB said...

Oh yes. I do have to say its nice to know that we share a similar friend...although they normally get me in trouble with my other friend the scale : ( lol!

Friday is last day for GIVEAWAY monday i announce winner GOOD LUCK!

Kathy G said...

Right now I'm hanging out with my friends frozen grapes, but wishing that Ben and Jerry were available. I think right now you may need them more than I do, though :-)

AnotherQ said...

Frozen grapes sound pretty good, too.
Hey, what helped you read between the lines to alert you I needed my B+J friends more than you? Was it the knife???!! :-)

Kathy G said...

No reading between the lines needed. Remember, I was the Mother of the Groom earlier this year!

AnotherQ said...

That's right! And you made it through in one piece! There is hope.... :-)