Monday, May 31, 2010

On-Line Memorial Day

When I was a child, Memorial Day used to be a day when everyone went to the city cemetery with shovels, buckets, and rakes to clean up the cemetery. It was a lot of hard work mingled with a touch of socialization. Most of the town was present. Parents chatted with each other talking about the people they loved who are deceased, the children fetch buckets of water, and most everyone worked on that hardened clay covered cemetery with sweat streaming down their brow in that hot sun.

In later years, the cities used tax money to maintain the cemeteries so Memorial Day shifted to a day of mainly placing flowers on graves while watching a Veterans program honor those who died in the War.

Memorial Day for me has once again changed. I now live out of state from where all my family are buried so visiting is not part of my normal Memorial Day activity. But I was able to remotely "visit" (through the internet) and even upload a photo so they could be more than just a name with a birth and death record on the cemetery website.

This is the website I used for my Memorial Day activities:

I then did a search based on the location of the cemetery (state, county, and name.)
After doing a FREE registration, I added a photo of my mother's father.
I then repeated the process and added a photo of my mother's mom.
Participating in Memorial Day celebrations continues to change over our lives. Being able to honor our loved ones is the continued driving force of Memorial Day, so being able to participate on-line is another option we now have available.


Kathy G said...

What a neat Website! I'll have to check it out.

Dan said...

Very interesting. The Internet changes our world daily. Thanks for the tip.

AnotherQ said...

Kathy G,
You can search for famous people as well as find interesting and quirky grave sites.

Yes, the Internet has totally changed everything in our lives.

Amander said...

That's very cool. I used to hate memorial day when I was younger because we had to be in the hot sun watching that same bag pipe program several times a day for three days.

But now I actually enjoy the program and I really do enjoy spending time visiting graves and honoring those who have passed.

AnotherQ said...

It is interesting how what we like and not like changes as we age. It does make life interesting. :-)