Friday, April 16, 2010

Company Challenge: Spend a Week without Your Computer and TV!

The company I work for is promoting everyone take the challenge to turn off their computer and TV for a week. (At home; not their office. They still want us productive there). The concept is we have become rather sedentary and now sit in front of the TV or the computer night and after night and have lost the ability to live life the old fashion way.

I am going to take them up on this challenge and will be putting Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter away for a week. Writing the old fashion way (via pen and paper) will probably make me feel very Jane Austen-like and maybe I’ll start to write period romance pieces. Keeping my thoughts to myself for a week rather than tweeting will, well, I will probably feel like I’m in some sort of nunnery or a cone of silence. But maybe new thoughts will emerge during this silence, and who knows, maybe I'll come up with new ways to bug and embarrass my kids!

It will be one week of spending time with myself. Or friends. Or family. (For some reason I am starting to visualize all of my contacts scurrying to fill up their calendars or be out of town.) Maybe I'll be meeting strangers or just hanging out with mother nature.

I’m planning to blog about my nontechnical experience after this challenge is over. That is, if I live through it.

You are welcome to join me....look for me at the beach or the redwoods.


ack said...

STAY AWAY FROM THE CONE OF SILENCE! It never worked! Only bad things can come from getting in the cone of silence.

For myself, I couldn't do this right now. It's the NHL playoffs, and my team is in. So, not watching? Just not an option. Still intriguing, but you have to avoid the trap I could easily fall into with this - reading. Yes, it's good for the mind but with the anti-sedentary goal, it wouldn't quite achieve what they're going for.

AnotherQ said...

LOL...ok. No cone of silence!

I'm planning to start this weekend. I have to visit the library and stock up on more books and then go buy some paper & a pen.

I totally understand about timing for something like this. I could never do this during the football playoffs or Superbowl. :-)

Amander said...

My biggest problem is actually my PHONE. I am not on the computer much at home unless I am working. And the TV I usually only watch when I'm working out.

But I will waste HOURS doing stupid things on my phone. Those little apps are such a time sucker!

I have considered banning myself from my apps for a week, but I'm not sure I'm strong enough yet :)

AnotherQ said...

WOW! Phone, huh? I must have different applications on my iPhone than you have.

The app I like is the one that looks like a cigarette lighter flame and I get to wave it in the air at music concerts. I never thought about doing that at home while I sit on the couch. Maybe I'll try it. :-)

Kathy G said...

Good luck. I'll be thinking of you!

AnotherQ said...

Thank, Kathy G.
I am woman, I am strong.....
I am not addicted, I am not addicted, I am not addicted...

Dan said...

So, how is it going?