Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Next Blog Please

AnotherQ is now on Blogger's radar so I am getting occasional visitors from all over the world.

I envision my new readers momentarily stopping by as they click the "next blog" and finding AnotherQ. I assume they pause and wonder what this blog is all about.
  • Is it about scantily clad hot women and perhaps a new kind of porn?
  • Or perhaps about being a home making diva with all the chatter about cooking, decor, and children?
  • But wait, I also see bits of wisdom and advice! Perhaps this is that hidden nugget where one can find the meaning of life?
Yes, AnotherQ is all that.

Menopausal mood swings will do that to a woman. This blog is often about hot and sweaty fantasies with occasional touches of reality and life wisdom.

So welcome my occasional visitors from places unknown. Gifts are welcome.


Amander said...

Ha. I have gotten on that "radar" too. Random people leave me comments's all very odd, really. But it can be fun!

AnotherQ said...

Yes, it is fun to have new visitors. I love it when people comment...well, most of the time. :-)

Sam said...

Wow! You're totally famous, Beth!! And Amander, too. I feel famous just knowing you guys!

AnotherQ said...

Sam, you are funny! I don't think it has anything to do with fame. I think it is based on how long your blog has been around. :-)

Dan said...

From all over the world? Very cool. Congratulations. From where?

AnotherQ said...

Some are from a place called Kansas and other places even further away! :-)

AnotherQ said...

Here are some of the more further locations; Russia, Singapore, Australia, Germany, England, Peru, India, Africa, Belgium, Dubai

Dan said...

Interesting! Mucho congratulations.