Friday, February 19, 2010

Brain Food

It's time for your Wisdom 101 class.

Here is a bit of news I learned about brain food (aka omega 3 fish oils fish) from a health care professional (I trust, which means it didn't come from me).

"When you take fish oil pills, take them with a meal."

If you have been doing what I have been doing (taking them before bed and then running to lay down and rushing to fall asleep before any of that yukky fish taste burps back in your mouth) the oil won't get absorbed like it does when you take it with food.

In other words, my method of taking fish oil pills has not been very effective.

get the distilled kind of fish oil pills (so you won't gag with the after taste) and then swallow them while you're eating your lovely meal. The oil will be absorbed better, coating the food with fish gills, er, I mean oil.

Your brain cells will thank you.


Dan said...

I've been taking fish oil for years but I can't remember which ones I take or when. Do you think they're helping?

AnotherQ said...

I hate to think what you would be like without them. :-)