Monday, October 5, 2009

My New Cooking Adventure!

While I was in Italy I decided it was time for me to learn to be a good cook. I want to know about things my mother never taught me. You know, like moving beyond casseroles and jello salad. When I was in Italy, I decided I might as well put my cooking anchor in an Italian harbor and learn how to take basil, tomatoes, and garlic and magically create something exotic (or erotic….to me those words sometimes are interchangeable).

Before this year ends, my goal is to become a real foodie with the ability to whip up something authentically Italian. Maybe it will be an Italian brochette, or maybe pizza, or perhaps an Italian man floating through the air due to my most fragrant culinary delights.

Kate, Mark, and Debbie are participating in a cooking class adventure and are becoming AUTHENTIC foodies. The next class is “How to make a Neapolitan pizza”. Kate said the class includes not only instruction, but also “wine sipping” as part of the cooking process. It sounds like something I could maneuver with that type of cooking "support".

The best part of the class (next to the wine sipping) is there is no cleaning up. Kate says they have outside help come and clean up the mess while everyone sits down together to celebrate and enjoy everyone's cooking masterpieces.

So, this class sounds like a perfect way to learn to cook, have another new adventure, and try to become a new erotic exotic foodie.

Food, friends, wine, and no dishes. Sounds fab!


Amander said...

"Perhaps an italian man floating through the air..."

My favorite line to date.

AnotherQ said...

Yes, I hope I can pull that one off! :-)

lazybuddhist said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to get into the pizza class. While I'm not really into cooking, I do love my pizza. So, this could just be the inspiration! Hey, with your fancy new kitchen and your fancy new cooking skills, you could host a pizza making party . . . just a thought

AnotherQ said...

We're first going to have an open house and a show and tell. After that, it will be party central at the Q's home!

A pizza party sounds perfect. I hope by then I will have learned how to work all those new tangled appliances that are now wrapped up in what appears to be saran wrap as they sit and look stunned in the middle of my new kitchen floor.

Geeze, I think they all came with their own computer!!! This will probably be a nightmare....