Sunday, October 4, 2009

Before and After Pictures - so far

I am still in the middle of remodeling and updating my home. Yes, I was supposed to be completed by the time I returned from Italy, but you know how remodeling really never gets done when you hope. I think we are a little over halfway there so I'm sharing photos of the progress.

I had the off-white color changed to sandstone and put in all new windows.
Before & After

The carpet has been removed and replaced with hardwood floors on the main floor. The upstairs carpet was removed and replaced with a new berber.
Before and After

The bathrooms were gutted and replaced with a new look in the master and the kids bath.

The bedrooms have been repainted and each bedroom now has a mounted flatscreen TV on the wall so all my out-of-the-area visitors who stay over night can pretend they are in a hotel and watch whatever they want. I will also place a chocolate on the pillow. I won't guarantee it will be half eaten, however.

Everything on the main level (the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and garage) is a chaotic mess. When those rooms get finished, I'll share them as well. AND THEN you can let me know when you're coming for one of our slumber parties!!


Dan said...

Amazing! Nothing is boring in Trixxxie's life.

Amander said...

Oooh, I've been waiting to see these pictures. Your hardwood floor looks awesome! Love the updates in the bathroom and the outside too.

Hope the rest of it gets finished soon!

AnotherQ said...

Dan, I hate to say it but remodeling is not really that exciting. :-)

You'll need to come for a personal tour when it is all completed. :-)

Jake said...

Wow! HUGE changes! Can't wait to see it! I can already sense that you'll want me to move some furniture around :)

Sam said...

Wow! Everything looks so spanky-new, I think it's very exciting :) Looking forward to seeing it in person in a few weeks!

AnotherQ said...

It will the computer stuff I will need help with. Yes, it has been totally dismantled and is just a wad of tangled cords.

I can't wait for you to come try out the new digs!

Kasey said...

Looks fabulous!

AnotherQ said...

I wish it could be ready before you venture to Oregon.