Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love

I had never heard of this book, “The Sweet potato Queens Book of Love” until Sam’s mother gave it to me. Something I said in my blog must have resonated with her as something similar she read in this text, so she sent the book. And I must say, it felt like I was reading the words of a like-minded sister who was filled with much life experience and advanced wisdom. This author would have fit right in with any of our GNO (girl/guys night out) events, complete with tiaras and boas. Who knew there was another group of weird party animals in this same country…..and the South, no less!!

So thank you for the book. It was delightful! And for those who are middle aged, know how to wave, hate to cook, own a boa AND a tiara…this book should be part of your library….or at least sitting on the back of your John in your bathroom. It is very funny!


lazybuddhist said...

Oh gosh, I don't own a boa, but I qualify on all the other fronts.

Beth Quist said...

We can always share a boa...:-)

mrscrow said...

YOU are a good sport, Beth Quist! Thank you for taking my gift in the spirit in which it was intended. I thought we might be soul mates until I saw your clutter-free work space. I love that book, but just to prove that I am well-rounded: this week (on the beach) I loved Marilynne Robinson's Home and Annie Proulx' 3rd Wyoming Stories, Fine Just The Way It Is. Since both authors are Pulitzer prize winners, I am feeling all high brow about my reading week. I read your list of book reviews here with interest. I haven't read any of them yet -- new treasures to explore! How do we get to read YOUR book?

Beth Quist said...

Thanks for sharing the book, along with sharing other book recommendations.
The books I often choose these days are ones you can read on the subway or other limitations such as many interruptions. It is probably a product of the aging process more than anything, however. :-)