Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Solstice Adventure

This weekend is the winter solstice...which means it is time for an adventure!

This year I am going to fly to Vegas, rent a 4wheeler, and then travel around Southern Utah's red rock country. I want to visit some of my former hikes that I used to love. But this time I will take photos!

The weather is supposed to be COLD but sunny. And this means the ground will be frozen and easy for hiking. And I will have my trusty iPhone with its nifty GPS to help me should I get misplaced.

I will be taking a few days off for this adventure and will capture photos and a few rocks that want to come live in CA.

Doesn't this look fun? Much better than fighting crowds at the mall!


lazybuddhist said...

Dude! Take me with you! That totally sounds like more fun than the Dickens Faire and dinner with the boyfriend's family.

Have fun and be careful.

Beth Quist said...

You are most welcome to come, but be warned, the flight is before sunrise!! and I have heard a rumor you hate mornings.

lazybuddhist said...

Hey! You were the one who started that rumor. There is no substance to that whatsoever. It's just that I spend my mornings running, writing poetry and feeding fallen baby birds. It's just that getting to work is not something I prefer to do at the crack o' dawn.

Beth Quist said...

Uh huh.